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Stanley Steemer Empowers Franchisees to Stay Ahead of Local Competition with Yext

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"Yext helps drive consistency across corporate and franchise locations. That is ultimately what we are trying to do. Since we have started working with Yext, the amount of issues and concerns our franchisees experience has dramatically dropped."

Chelsea Penzone, Director of Strategic Marketing
295 Locations
14,000 Yext-powered listings
32% Increase in listings volume

Since 1947 Stanley Steemer has been providing professional deep cleaning services to residential and commercial customers across the nation. A household name with iconic vans and a familiar jingle, the biggest carpet-cleaning company in the country manufactures its own equipment, trains its own people, and delivers exceptional service.

Still family-owned, Stanley Steemer has a dual business model in which it is both corporately owned and also franchised, depending on the market. "We have 65 corporate locations and 230 franchise locations," explains Chelsea Penzone, Director of Strategic Marketing. "The corporate locations are primarily in larger DMAs — New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, et cetera — major markets, basically. Then the franchises, with a few exceptions, tend to be in slightly smaller markets."

While well-established as a national brand, Stanley Steemer knows how critical local marketing is to attracting customers."We are the only national presence when it comes to television advertising for our category. In fact, we don’t really have any other true national competitors. Our competition is at the regional level," says Penzone. "There are 50,000 carpet cleaning businesses in the United States; this means it is an extremely regionalized and fragmented industry across the country. Moreover, there is a low degree of brand loyalty in the carpet cleaning business. This is a promotion-driven, offer-driven industry," she explains. "Most people do research online, so even if word of mouth is great, people are still seeking out reviews and perusing social media in order to make decisions. Honestly, to win at the local level, it is essential that our business has consistency across the entire digital ecosystem."

Consistent Location Data is Critical to Good Business

"2012 is when we introduced our national digital presence," Penzone recounts, "and we have subsequently given significantly more attention to mobile in recent years. Today our traffic from smartphones and tablets almost equals traffic coming in from desktop!"

With the exception of a few fine area rug facilities where people can drop off their fine area rugs for cleaning, Stanley Steemer brings deep cleaning services directly to customers’ locations — right into their homes or offices. This means that its customers do not typically have a need for accurate brick and mortar franchise or corporate location addresses while on-the- go. However, correct phone numbers, up-to-date review sites, and location-specific social media pages have never been more critical to business. Penzone clarifies, "If someone has an inquiry and sees a local number that is wrong, that person will move on. It’s very easy to move on. Accuracy and consistency are key for us, even though we are not a traditional brick and mortar location."

While customers do not frequently need to access location directions from a mobile device, other segments of people often do. Technicians picking up equipment, new hires, and people interviewing or training for jobs all need to be able to navigate their way to a specific location. "Before Yext we would get complaints from our locations," Penzone recalls. "’The candidates can’t find our location!’ ‘They went to the wrong address!’ ‘The map was wrong!’ That is a big piece of the puzzle that Yext helps solve," she explains.

Partnering with Yext Makes a Big Positive Impact on Franchise Management

After being referred to Yext by an agency, Penzone was swiftly sold on the platform’s extensive location data management capabilities. She came to understand how the Yext platform helps franchised and distributed brands manage and update location data for every store location, all from a single comprehensive dashboard. Unique to Yext is its global PowerListings® Network, with proprietary integrations that enable real-time updates across major online publishers and search portals including Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and more.

Since launching with Yext Listings, Stanley Steemer has seen a substantial improvement to its overall online presence. 23,000+ addresses and 6,000+ phone numbers have been corrected, and 14,000+ updates have been made to business descriptions. Penzone’s team has also corrected 9,000+ website URLs and added 33,000+ special offers. With over 14,000 live listings, the company has increased its overall listings presence by 32%.

While Yext’s feature-rich technology platform is powerful, there is also a strong service and people component to the partnership. "We have a really great team at Yext. The attention to our account has been exceptional!" smiles Penzone. "We are the type of company that likes to take baby steps with our new vendors, so we began with just Listings. Then as we got comfortable and realized the Yext platform comprehensively worked better than what we were attempting to do piecemeal, we asked what else we could do with the platform — how we could extend our use of it."

Penzone and her team jumped at the opportunity to incorporate social media posting into their account. "Honestly the Facebook portion of the Yext platform has been the most exciting thing we have done," she says. "Previously, we had quite a few rogue franchises and many abandoned pages. It was such a big mess of content. It wasn’t branded, it wasn’t consistent. For example, if we at corporate were already running a contest on our national page, a franchise might just share it and thus be redundant."

The thrill for Penzone is in empowering the franchises. By centralizing the pages and creating a solid platform for each location, her team is relieving those franchisees of a burden — while also giving them the opportunity to take their Facebook presence even farther, should they choose to do so. "The franchisees were over the moon," she says. "So excited. They are happy that they can have the option of a Facebook presence without the obligation and the worry about maintenance. They can control it as much or as little as they wish. They have the option to post locally, but they don’t have to if they don’t want to."

Looking ahead, Penzone hopes to discover new ways to leverage the Yext platform to empower Stanley Steemer’s franchisees and help them win at the local level. "Yext helps drive consistency across corporate and franchise locations," she says. "That is ultimately what we are trying to do. Since we have started working with Yext, the amount of issues and concerns our franchisees experience has dramatically dropped."