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Denny's John Dillon

"Yext is now fundamentally embedded into our marketing initiatives and digital presence system. The purpose of our digital presence is to drive diners into our actual restaurant locations time and again, and that is where Yext's platform is invaluable"

John Dillon, CMO, Denny’s
Steward Health Care

"Yext goes above and beyond. It’s more than just a tool that provides listings. Yext is a platform that provides insight beyond the listings. We have clearly shown Steward can expand the top of its marketing funnel with Yext, and we are now getting many more qualified leads for appointments."

Brian Carty, CMO, Steward Health Care
T-Mobile Customers

"We have gone to great lengths to manage all our retail stores internally, from a central database. We have a centralized system with checks and balances in place, so it all flows out from that one database as a source of truth. Yext came in and helped us do that."

Glenn May, Senior Search Manager, T-Mobile

"Most of our customers make the decision of where they’re going to eat within ten minutes of where they end up. So they’re seeking out information, seeking out directions, seeking out hours of operation — all of those things are critically important to our business. Thanks to the Yext Knowledge Engine, it’s easy to make changes to that information when necessary, and we’re finding that the accuracy and accessibility of our information has significantly improved."

Rob Lynch, Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer
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